The Nutrigenetics and Nutrigenomics Research and Training Unit (N2RTU) embarks to fulfill the two main objectives :

  • Promote nutrigenetics and nutrigenomics research in Malaysia to support the Government efforts to strengthen genetic data and introduce nutrigenetics approach to combat the escalating rise in diet-related chronic diseases in the country (eg obesity, diabetes, coronary heart disease, hypertension and certain cancers).
  • To train members in conducting nutrigenetics and nutrigenomics research in Malaysia capacity building.

There is presently no information gateway providing local nutrigenetics and nutrigenomics information appropriate for Malaysians. Thus N2RTU fills the void by hosting such an electronic platform for the society. The Society may gain access to the required nutrigenetics expertise and information. Furthermore, N2RTU serves as a neutral body with no vested interest.

As content provider and owner of the website, N2RTU will bear the responsibility of ensuring data accuracy and quality. This is particularly important, given the fact that many independent sites on the internet are notorious for providing false, inaccurate and unauthorized information.